Grey’s Anatomy’s Chyler Leigh Husband: Jesse Williams ‘Manipulated’ My Wife Into S*x!

Grey’s Anatomy’s actor Jesse Williams is going viral, after the husband of one of his co-stars on the hit show, claim that Jesse was cheating with his wife, MTO News has learned. And the husband claims that Jesse may have “manipulated” co-star Chyler Leigh into a physical relationship, while she was in the midst of a mental health episode.

Jesse may be the latest Black male celebrity to have a “Me Too” moment.

Jesse, who at the time was married, is being accused of carrying on an affair with his Grey’s Anatomy co-st Chyler Leigh. And the accusations are coming from a Twitter account believed to belong to Chyler’s husband, Nathan West.

Chyler has spoken out publicly about her battle with mental health, in particular bipolar disorder. Here she is describing her condition:

Grey’s Anatomy’s Chyler Leigh Husband Speaks Out About Mental Illness (; 0:44)

The angry husband took to Twitter and wrote, “Jesse [Williams] tried to destroy my family, but he didn’t succeed. [He] really just destroyed his own.”

Chyler’s husband claims that Jesse Williams “manipulated” his wife, while she was having a mental health episode, and suggested that Jesse’s manipulation  eventually led to the two carried on an affair.

The husband wrote, “U decided my wife should be fair game.”

But Chyler and her husband worked through the alleged infidelity. The husband wrote that, “It’s taken a lot of years to get here [but] I love this woman more than anything.”

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