Gorgeous Newscaster Harassed On Camera: ‘You Can’t leave Me Alone w/ A Black Woman’

A beautiful News caster from Rochester New York was sexually harassed by a passerby, while on camera, MTO News has learned.

The gorgeous and talented journalist Brianna Hamblin was on location in downtown Rochester, preparing to deliver a live news report. Then, from out of nowhere a man came up behind her and started making inappropriate comments.

The man – who was White and appeared to be intoxicated or on drugs – walked by Brianna and said, “You’re beautiful as hell – god damn.”

Brianna appeared uncomfortable with his comment, but she nonetheless said to the man, “Thank you.”

But the man stopped and continued to ogle at Brianna – as she tried to do her news cast.

Eventually, the man’s comments took a dark and possibly racist turn. The man told Brianna, ‘You see that’s why I can’t be left alone with Black women.”

Brianna’s face changed when she heard this – MTO News observed. You could see a tinge of FEAR in her face.

Luckily the man eventually left, without physically harming Brianna. But you could see that his emotionally abusive words injured her.


Rochester Newscaster Harrassed On Camera (; 1:09)