Gone Viral: The 8 Fall Trends That Have Blown Up On TikTok

Now that we’ve already dived into the fall trends that made their way down the runways earlier this year, it’s time to take note of which have made it to the masses. While Instagram curates a feed based on who you follow, TikTok’s algorithm will lead you to fashion people you wish you had been following sooner. While I’ve been careful to not surpass my screen time limit, I have been scrolling just enough to see the fall pieces that have been capturing everyone’s attention. 

The first day of fall has arrived, so I’ve rounded up the top eight trends I can’t stop seeing on my TikTok feed. Of course, I’m also providing a little shopping assistance by finding stellar market options for each trend. Below, take a look at the best spring styles on TikTok—from edgy pieces that’ll make you feel teenage nostalgia to oversized bags that’ll fit everything you need.

TikTok seems to have a mixed reaction towards ballet flats, but Who What Wear gives the trend a stamp of approval. 

While micro minis had a strong hold on the internet, it’s the anthesis of the style that has my (and TikTok’s) attention for fall. It’s also a lot easier to style, so bonus points there.

Metallics can sometimes seem tacky, but that’s not the casehere. Whether it’s a pair of statement boots or a locket, a silver accent will act as an instant cool touch to any outfit.

TikTok is all about following different style aesthetics from balletcore to academia The latter brought out pleated skirts to the table, and the schoolgirl-inspired look isn’t going anywhere soon. If you’re daring enough, try the skirt-and-pants combo like above for a unique layered look.

I predicted that the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic would make a return, and it seems that I was correct. Bring on the leather jackets, chunky boots, and head-to-toe black this fall. 

My fellow editors have been hinting at the resurgence of bomber jackets for quite some time now, and TikTok’s gotten the memo.

While I’ve been seeing more ’90s-style pieces pop up on my TikTok feed, it would be impossible to run away from Y2K entirely. If you’re looking to achieve the casual yet cool look, a cargo skirts or pants will help you do it.

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