Gone Viral: The 23 Products the Internet Won’t Stop Talking About Right Now

As someone who’s shamelessly very active on social media (Okay, maybe a little shame) I’ve noticed that each month, a variety of products hit “viral” status. Whether it’s a TikTok that makes a mascara sell out or an accessory that every girl on Instagram seems to be sporting, I’ve been keeping notes. With the speed of the internet, it’s hard to keep track of what the masses are loving but that’s where I come in to help. My screen time may be ridiculously high this week, but I found 23 products I’ve seen many users (not just influencers) rave about on their social channels. 

If you like to keep your screen time low but want to see what’s everyone talking about, you’ve come to the right place. I searched across beauty, fashion, and even lifestyle to see what deserves your attention right now. Keep scrolling to see what all the hype is about.

I already love this gloss, but when I saw a TikTok raving about the “Sangria” shade, I immediately went to purchase. Of course it was sold out, but now it’s back in stock.

This bag is the moment, and deserves all the love it has recieved since release.

I think I have enough pairs of jeans, but I’ve seen too many people raving about this pair and now I’m considering adding one more to my collection.

Skims products always go viral, but this one has been getting a lot of attention for its comfort and slimming capabilities. As someone who’s a modest dresser and often wants to minimize with a bra, I knew I had to order this.

I’ve seen multiple girls wear this set and every time I see it, I tell myself I’m going to buy it. I think I’ll take the plunge now.

Am I the only one who didn’t know Fenty Beauty had an eye brightener? After seeing one video with the results from this, I immediately went to the Sephora site.

TikTok made the green shade of this scarf sell out, and I’m predicting this one is next.

You can’t beat that price.

So maby colors to choose from. 

The Prada Cleo was everywhere last year but now the mini is being favorited by many.

It’s Ugg season.

Balaclavas continue to sell out, so when I saw a video on this H&M one I quickly added to cart.

The heels you’ve seen all over Instagram. (I’m still not tired of them yet.)

You can thank Kendall Jenner for making this widely popular.

The silhouette I can’t stop thinking about.

This is dominating as the it-bag for 2022,

Everyone is obsessed with their clip brand. (If you haven’t looked at their collab with Juicy Coture, you probably should. Trust me.)

With Jean’s prints always become a fashion-girl favorite.

A girl can dream, right?

So many celebrities have been spotted with this bag, and now there’s a mini version!


This vase has sold out too many times to count. Act quick.

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