‘Glee’ Actress Amber Riley Claims Trump Supporter Spat On Her Car!!

Glee actress Amber Riley is riled up after she claimed that a Trump support spat on her car.

“What does being a Trump supporter mean?” she said. “Because I just drove into a parking lot and this older white man with a Trump hat on decided to jump in front of my f*cking car.”

She says the man repeatedly pointed at his Trump hat as he attempted to block her from parking.

“When I was like, ‘whatever, get on, like, get from in front of my car’…this motherf*cker spit on my car. In 2020, he saw a Black woman, thought he was gonna try to punk me, and the motherf*cker spit on my car. I don’t have words for this.”

“But I can say this,” she added. “I’m not the one, the two or the three. I’m not the person that’s gonna take their phone out and make you famous when you’re doing racist sh*tt. I’ma beat your ass. I don’t condone violence, but I do condone self-defense. Because I can ignore your racist bullsh*t, but when it comes to assault I’m not taking my phone out, this is not a game.”