Give Andrew Garfield All The Oscars For The New “Silence” Trailer

1. You might’ve heard some rumblings about Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie, Silence, starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson. Well now we have a trailer and man oh man, IS IT A WHOPPER:

2. Adam and Andrew play priests, who go to Japan to try and find their fellow priest, played by Liam Neeson, in the 1600s.

3. I’m no scientist, but it looks like this trip is going to be dangerous AF.

Yes, those are people being crucified.

7. Can you get an Oscar just for a trailer cut? ‘Cause Andrew would win one for this alone.

8. I guess we’ll have to wait for the actual movie, which is coming out on Dec. 23 of this year. One more month!

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