Gillian Anderson Calls Out The Lack Of Women Behind “The X-Files”

And no, this isn’t a new problem: Though there have been 208 episodes of The X-Files to date, only nine women have written for the show.

Kim Newton, Sara B. Cooper, Marilyn Osborn, Valerie Mayhew, Vivian Mayhew, Jessica Scott, Margaret Fearon, Anne Simon, and Gillian Anderson (the actor behind co-lead Dr. Dana Scully) are the women who earned writing credits for their work on The X-Files.

This isn’t the first time Anderson has called out those behind The X-Files either. Last year, she told The Hollywood Reporter she was initially offered a salary that was half of lead David Duchovny’s pay when negotiating her income for the series’ revival.

“It was shocking to me, given all the work that I had done in the past to get us to be paid fairly. I worked really hard toward that and finally got somewhere with it,” she later told The Daily Beast.