Gift Giving Is My Love Language—Here’s What I’m Currently Eyeing

In seasons past, gifting used to feel like a great, big, daunting task. Typically, I wouldn’t get my shopping done until the night before any gift exchange. (Don’t judge me.) After one too many stressful evenings frantically gift wrapping an extremely lame gift I was beyond embarrassed to give, I swore I’d never let it happen again. So this year, I’m not only starting early but also shopping based on my circle’s personality traits. (Whoever said old habits die hard clearly hadn’t met me.)

This year, Walmart’s Free Assembly winter collection is chock-full of affordable and chic pieces I can feel good about giving to the people I care about. Not only will they each open up a gift that suits their personal style, but I can get multiple items without breaking my budget. Keep scrolling to see the gifts I’m eyeing and who they’re for.

You know exactly who I’m talking about: the one who runs the show in the boardroom, juggles her running to-do list, and still manages to make it school drop-off and pick-up on time. For this multi-hyphenate, focus on functional, versatile pieces she can wear throughout every part of her day, like this chic pair of pull-on pants that goes well with both heels and sneakers.

One of my best friends is the queen of classic style. She’s been rocking oversize blazers since before it was a thing, and this year, I want to gift her with pieces that will seamlessly fit into her wardrobe, so I’m going with this varsity-inspired sweater and these rich green staples.

My mom is Chic (yes, with a capital C) and loves to buy pieces that have a mild, minimalistic tone to them. She can totally wear this mustard quilted jacket on her morning walks and style the sweaterdress for dinner with my dad.

If your sister is your total opposite and loves to wear color as opposed to the neutral wardrobe you usually opt for (just me?), consider gifting her with pieces that have pops of rich hues and prints for the winter. I love the Fair Isle sweater, which is totally giving off après-ski vibes. (Plus, you can eventually borrow it.)