Gerren From 2000s BET Show Balwin Hills DIES Mysteriously In Her Sleep!!

Gerren from the 2000s hit BET show Baldwin Hills has passed away, MTO News has confirmed. The 31 year old beauty is believed to have passed away quietly in her sleep.

While the exact cause of death has not been released by Gerren’s family, the beautiful reality star has been living with Lupus for many years. And many are speculating that her Lupus may have contributed to her death.

Gerren Taylor was best known for being the beautiful model of the crew. In Baldwin Hills, she often found herself at odds with other cast members (mostly because of the interest castmate Moriah had in her). 


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Since leaving the show after its final season, Gerren continued to model and at one point, was signed by Ford Modeling Agency. The former reality star eventually settled down and had a daughter. She then started a children’s boutique Miyoko’s Closet. Gerren was proud of her new family and her new business – she frequently shared pictures of her young daughter and showing off a lavish lifestyle.

Here are some more recent pics of Gerren:

And here are some images of her daughter:

One of her former BET co-stars Mister Ray confirmed her passing this morning.