Gen Z Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of These 3 Coveted Fashion-Girl Brands

Over here, we’re trying our best to keep up with everything Generation Z, and it seems like the rest of the world is doing the same. With Olivia Rodrigo making top charts again with her latest single “Deja Vu” and Zendaya bringing out all the stops on the Oscars red carpet, it just seems like the under-25 crowd has taken the industry by storm. Not only that, but they’re looking good while doing it. While we’ve already covered the slew of outfits I want to copy from them, I can’t help but notice a few brands that keep coming up on their Instagram images and in street style looks. 

There are three brands, to be exact, and they’re all coveted fashion brands that you’ve either heard of or have an item on your wish list from. (I know I do.) From the phone cases everyone has to the brand that makes the printed jeans that keep selling out, keep on scrolling.

While tinted eyewear may not be “new,” Lexxola is the brand that’s making it reach new heights of popularity once more, with celebrities like Dupa Lipa and Kaia Gerber following suit.

Reformation does it all, from making your favorite basics to creating statement items everyone will give you compliments on. It seems like Gen Z is just as obsessed with the L.A. brand as we are, as I’ve seen three women wearing the same printed jeans. (Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and Addison Rae).

The brand founded by sister duo Devon and Sydney Carlson was quite literally founded when Miley Cyrus complimented the girls’ homemade phone cases at a restaurant, so it’s no surprise it’s still widely loved by celebs to this day. 

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