Gays Rumors Grow As Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Release New Pics!!

Actress Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade have a very unorthodox relationship. As MTO News has reported, Dwyane is known for making curious fashion choices, and those choices have fans constantly speculating about his sexuality.

Well yesterday, Gabby and Dwyane got the “speculators” talking again, The couple posted pics on their instagram page of the married couple wearing matching spring yellow nail polish.

And in the images, MTO News confirmed that Dwyane was caught in some very dainty poses – increasing the speculation from fans.

Gabrielle Union Wears A Thong – Body’s AMAZING

Gabrielle Union Wears Thong (; 0:34)

Here are the images:

Gabrielle Union made news a few years back, when she implied on The ‘Sway In The Morning Show” that she “eats” her husband’s booty.

The relegation came as she was promoting her memoir, and the topic of receptivity in the bedroom became the center of discussion.

When asked whether most men like their butt eaten, Union implied that she has eaten her husband’s butt in the past