Gabrielle Union Sues BET, Claims 'Being Mary Jane' Contract Breach

Gabrielle Union is suing Black Entertainment Television, alleging the cable network wants to combine the fourth and fifth seasons of her series “Being Mary Jane” into a single season of 20 episodes in an effort to extend her contract.

The actress claims in the suit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court that BET promised it would shoot no more than 13 episodes a season. She says those promises came in spite of a contract Union signed allowing up to 26 episodes per season.

The filing claims BET wants to combine the seasons to kick in an option to extend her contract another year. The lawsuit also says BET wants to avoid paying Union a contractually obligated, per-episode raise.

Gabrielle Union at the 2015 BET Awards in Los Angeles

(Getty Images)

Union wants unspecified damages.

A BET spokeswoman says in a statement that the network feels it’s contractually within its rights.