Future Allegedly Texted His Son That His Mother Is A ‘H*e’!!

Brittni Mealy, the mother of Future’s 8-year-old son, says the rapper sent a text to their child allegedly calling her a “hoe.”

Prince sends a crying emoji to his father in the screenshot.

“Tell your mom,” writes Future.

“Tell my mom what” asks Prince before Future replies, “Buy u some clothes.” Prince then writes “Dad,” before Future writes, “Your mom is a hoe!” 

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After Brittni shared the screenshots, Future took to social media to accuse her of lying.

“Pray for her,” he wrote.

But Brittni is certain it was him.

 “TF I GOT TO LIE FOR YOU SAID IT definitely your # and his SO STAND ON IT AND PIPE DOWN IF U DONT WANT THESE RECORDING POSTED!” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

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“On GAWD YOU SAID IT THEY NEED TO CANCEL YOU. Cruelty to children! Haven’t seen him in 3 months but in the same State I can Keep Going! Got a refund on his school Clothes today! Petty cause someone Don’t wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co parent!!” she continued.