Future Allegedly Has THREE More Babies Coming – 2 From WHITE GIRLS!!

Congratulations are in order for rap star Future, MTO News has learned that 3 NEW women are coming forward, claiming that the rapper impregnated them, MTO News has learned.

These women would make Future’s 10th, 11th and 12th babys mothers. And the children would be his 10th, 11th and 12th kids.

MTO News learned that two of the women are dancers from the Los Angeles area, and one is a real estate agent from Atlanta.

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Future’s homie told MTO News, “[Future] got three new babies on the way, Two with White girls. . . . so he’s having his first biracial kids.”

The friend explained that the first new mother, whom MTO News is describing as an Atlanta real estate agent, is Caucasian.

The other two women – both strippers from Los Angeles – got pregnant during a threesome with Future. Future’s friend explained, “It was a threesome and they both ended up pregnant.”

Future is in the midst of a half dozen paternity lawsuits from his other babys mothers.