Funk Flex: Jay-Z Is The Most Sensitive Muthaf*cka On The Planet!!

DJ Funkmaster Flex does not hold his tongue, especially when it comes to rapper Jay-Z.

Last week, he claimed that Drake is a better artist than Jay, and now he’s giving his thoughts on why Jay is not on social media:

“You know why he can’t be on social media?” he tells Gillie Da Kid. “Because he’s the most sensitive muthaf*cka on the planet and he can’t take n*ggas in his comments telling him the truth. He can’t take it. He can’t open up social media. You know what Jay does? He watches social media from a fake page. I’m giving you the truth.”

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Elsewhere, Flex said the following about Jay: “He’s too versatile, his melodies, he has the bars, and he had the songs. If those reference tracks had never happened, Drake would have been my favorite artist of all time.”


The Drake Slide (; 1:18)

Gillie and Wallo think that Flex may be a bit salty about not being invited to the Roc Nation brunch.