Funk Flex: I Started The Meek Mill & Drake Beef For Clout!!

DJ Funk Flex has admitted that he started the beef with Meek Mill and Drake for attention.

“I gotta be honest, I kind of bit that whole routine, or my involvement. I was copying, watching Red Alert and MC Shan and KRS-One. And I watched people throw the flame on it and I said, ‘If I throw the flame on it, this can be one of those.’… I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted to be in the history book like Red Alert and Shan and KRS-One,” he said on Cigar Talk.

Flex played one of Drake’s reference track’s on the air. Meek clowned Drake mercilessly about the discovery. The feud caused a rift between Nicki Minaj and Drake as Meek was dating Nicki at the time.

“You know what, Meek was always in a cheerful phase about [it]—he wasn’t overly stressed. Because I think he wasn’t. It was funny…when I didn’t have the record, I wanna say I feel maybe me and Meek must have had miscommunication on the song, or what it was gonna be.”


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