From Runway to Reality: The 7 Summer 2021 Accessory Trends to Know

Of all the fashion items there are to buy out there, it’s accessories that I’ll always care about the most. I just love that you can wear a new bag or pair of earrings every day until you get tired of it, and it’s perfectly fine, but if you do that with a new dress or top, for example, your friends, family, and co-workers will probably take note. So this explains why the bulk of my shopping budget goes toward shoes, bags, jewelry, hats, hair accessories. They just add another level of excitement to any outfit. 

While designers sent many accessories down their S/S 2021 runways, there’s always a few standout options that translate well into wardrobes. Sometimes something may look right on a model or in a campaign but may not fit well for everyday attire, even if you do have an “out-there” style. Below, I rounded up the trends that are worth giving attention to as summer continues.

Baseball caps are certainly not new, but I’m seeing them incorporated much more into stylishly curated ensembles rather than the usual athletic moment. Aside from being an excellent remedy to a bad hair day, they add personality and a casual, sporty touch to any look.

While tiny bags are cute, oversized options are the epitome of summer to me. How else are you going to fit everything you need for a warm-weather adventure? And the versatility is quite impressive. There are few bags that you can feasibly take to the farmers market, beach, and brunch. 

While slippers and slides were seen quite a bit on the runways, it seems like the fashion world took the comfy theme and decided to run with it. Brands like Crocs and Birkenstocks are selling out, so it seems like people aren’t ready to give up the comfort anytime soon.

’70s trends have been reigning all summer, and the tinted sunglasses have not stopped their racks in popularity. Maybe I’m biased, but they also seem to flatter every person I’ve seen wear them.

While designers sent phone straps on their models, it sent a message that even your device could be seen as an accessory. However, with the Y2K theme of the summer, it seems like the trend has shifted away from designer versions more to DIY and beaded options.

I recently watched the episode of Friends where Rachel wears a gigantic hat Ross gifted her and when everyone makes jokes she continues to say “Hats are back.” For summer 2021, that quote carries much relevancy.

While belly chains have popped up on the collections of Chanel and Dior in the past, they were more controversial to translate to everyday wear. But this summer, I’ve spotted them plenty on the fashion set. 

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