Freddie Gibbs Open To Squashing Jeezy Beef

Rapper Freddie Gibbs appears to be open to repairing the rift between him and Jeezy following years of conflict.

The rapper opened up about the beef in an interview with Vulture:

“I was more hurt than anything,” he said. “That’s what it feel like when one of your favorite rappers gets at you like that. I think that he see where I’m at now, and then he looks back at that sh*t, and he regrets it. I don’t say I regret nothing. But it’s better ways I could have handled things with him, maybe talked it out and communicated better. Maybe it could have worked out,” he shared.


Freddie Gibbs ‘The Ghetto’ Trailer (; 0:40)

He continued: “I don’t have beef with him like other people may. I think it was just two guys who didn’t communicate correctly. He had a vision, and I had my vision, and we just couldn’t come to a common agreement. I don’t hate the man or anything of that nature, not at all. At one point, I looked up to him. And I still respect everything that he did musically. I still listen to his music. So, like I said, man, maybe one day, who knows?”