For Anyone Who's Still Pissed Off At Scar From “The Lion King”

1. If you’re anything like me, you probably love Disney movies, and if that’s true, then you probably really love the 1994 masterpiece that is The Lion King.

2. Like most people who love The Lion King, though, you might still be harboring a tiny bit of hatred for a certain green-eyed dirtbag named Sc*r.

3. It’s been 23 damn years and I still can’t fully process Scar’s pettiness. I mean, this evil, power-hungry mofo threw his own brother off a cliff AND THEN manipulated his lovably mischievous cub nephew into believing that Mufasa’s death was his fault. SMDH. Pretty dark for a children’s movie if you ask me*.

*You didn’t ask me.

4. But, what if I told you Scar’s story might not have ended with The Lion King?

5. Remember early on in the film when Mufasa asks Zazu “What am I going to do with [Scar]?” and Zazu replies with the perfectly snarky, “He’d make a very handsome throw rug.”?

6. Well, shit, Disney wasn’t playing games…it seems like that might have actually happened in the movie Hercules.

7. Mhm, don’t adjust your brightness, you read that correctly. Disney might’ve turned Scar into an actual throw

*Well, a headdress that gets thrown onto the ground.

8. During a scene in Hercules where the Greek God himself is having his portrait painted onto an urn, he is wearing a slain lion’s pelt as a headdress*, which he eventually throws onto the ground after having a small temper tantrum.

Presumably the lion on Hercules’ head is the Nemean lion from Greek mythology.

10. It has been suggested that the headdress bears a striking resemblance to a certain regicidal lion we all love to hate.

11. Here, for your convenience, is the maniacal Scar side-by-side with the “headdress/ rug” for comparison:

12. So, basically, the moral of this story is: Don’t mess with Disney because Zazu is a sorcerer and you might end up as a decorative carpet.

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