Fired Walmart Employee Drives Car Through Store!!

A man who was fired returned to his old store by driving a car through the front door and doing “a lot of damage,” according to Concord, N.C., police.

 Lacy Cordell Gentry was taken into custody.

He drove the car through the front door and continued driving, according to police. Cops called the property damage “considerable” on the department’s Facebook page. Staff were evacuated from the store. As the incident occurred before 6am, the store was not open so no customers were injured.

“If you take a car through a Walmart, there’s going to be a lot of damage,” an officer said per the Daily News.

Images of the wreckage show Gentry’s 2015 Volkswagen Passat surrounded by smashed-up retail goods. His vehicle has also taken a considerable battering from the drive-through.

According to the cops, Gentry had outstanding warrants prior to the Walmart incident. He now faces Gentry faces multiple charges and is being held on $100, 000 bond.