Fashion Girls Are Loving These 7 Items, So I Found Super Affordable Versions

I don’t know about you, but I tend to overdo it during the holidays. I go all out on gifts, splurge on decorations, and shop the winter sales like there’s no tomorrow. Keeping things affordable during the giving season can get tricky, and by the time New Years rolls around, I’m spent, literally and figuratively. So, when I narrowed down the 6 items fashion girls have been loving this winter, I knew I had to find them at a super affordable price point. 

As a general rule of thumb, I like to invest in quality pieces I’ll have forever and spend less on trendier items I might not get as much wear out of. The items below tend to fall closer to the latter category with leather pants and ’90s inspired chunky boots making the cut. I was able to find everything  for under $150 (in fact, most items are under $50) which means bye bye post holiday buyer’s remorse. Upgrading your winter wardrobe never felt so good. 

A faux fur bucket hat immediately makes your standard winter uniform more fun.

A cute outfit you don’t have to think twice about? Sign us up.

Shop the matching Sylvie Double V-Neck Textured Rib Tank ($30) and Adrienne Knit Shorts ($35).

An A-line mini skirt is flirty and feminine with a long coat and knee high boots. 

Winter leathers are now very much a thing, but they’ll definitely set you back. Opt for a pair of vegan leather pants to keep the spending scaries away.  

Out of all the fashion girl trends, I found chunky boots to be the most popular by far. I love the way Emma’s styled hers with a short skirt and tights here.  

Menswear has been on the frontlines for awhile now, but lately I’ve seen a lot of oversized blazers in neutral plaid patterns. Pair it with a combat boot like Hedvig to take it out of the office and give it an edge. 

To me, an oversized turtleneck is the epitome of chic. Tuck the front in to a mid rise pair of jeans for a flattering silhouette.  

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