Faith Evans ALLEGEDLY Cheating On Stevie J . . . w/ ‘Young Men’: Joseline

Faith Evans is allegedly cheating on her reality star husband Stevie J, according to Stevie’s ex Joseline Hernandez. MTO News has learned that Joseline spilled the alleged tea about Faith and Stevie on IG yesterday.

Faith recently gave an interview where she claimed that she “stole” Stevie from Joseline.

Joseline didn’t like what Faith had to say, and decided to spill tea on Faith and Stevie’s marriage. Joseline wrote, “[Faith] cheated on [Stevie] with young n*ggas and you do all the time.”


Is Love & Hiphop’s Joseline A Transgender? (; 1:02)

Joseline dropped another bit of tea. According to the Puerto Rican princess, Faith Evans’ son “almost killed” Joseline and Stevie’s daughter Bonnie Bella. 

Joseline wrote, “Your crazy as* kid almost killed Bonnie Bella under your watch. I have Stevie on recording begging me for forgiveness cause Bonnie could have gotten killed by that animal you call a son.”


So far Faith has not yet responded to these allegations.