Exactly Which Color Shoes to Wear With Every Navy Dress Style

Of all the colors in our closet, navy is probably one of the toughest to style. The dark blue shade doesn’t easily lend itself to being paired with many other colors of shoes, bags, and accessories we may have laying around. For one, wearing black and navy has long been deemed a style faux pas because of how close the two colors are to one another. While we don’t agree that they should never be worn together, we’ll be the first to admit that it’s a tricky color combo. An even more common style situation to run into than wearing black and navy together is wearing a navy dress and styling it accordingly.

We wanted to take the guessing out of it, so today we’re showing you exactly which color shoes to wear with each navy dress, from a casual frock to a floor-length formal gown. There’s no denying that Net-a-Porter is one of our favorite online shopping destinations. We even scroll through the site to get general outfit inspiration too, even when we’re not necessarily shopping. We happen to be fans of how it always styles its items in a way that makes us want the entire look.

With that in mind, we took to the site to inspire how we’ll be styling our navy dresses from now on. Ahead, see the dress-and-shoe combinations that just always work.

The surprising trend fashion girls are taken with.

It doesn’t get any easier than a pair of slides like these.

Sandals with baby buckles are the style to try this year.

These look easily twice their price.

Bucket boots are the buzzy boot trend everyone’s talking about right now.

Chain embellishments will be very handy this season. 

The new “naked” heels.

The It color of the moment.

On-trendfor fall and practical for winter.

The bamboo-shaped heel makes these feel especially cool.

Now find out which shoe trends are officially over.

This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated.