Everyone Is Freaking Out About The “Moonlight” And “La La Land” Mix-Up

1. In a twist of events, the Best Picture award at the 2017 Oscars went to Moonlight after initially being presented to La La Land by accident.

Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

2. It was a chaotic moment, to say the least.

3. But ultimately, Moonlight walked away with their Oscar. Barry Jenkins, the film’s director, tweeted this after the show:

4. And everyone is completely freaking out.

look at taraji when it was announced that moonlight won and not la la land :’)

— g (@biquakes)

7. A lot of people are tweeting about how crazy the whole situation was.

They are going to say La La Land, but Moonlight is actually going to win. #Oscars

— Joseph Scrimshaw (@JosephScrimshaw)

“SEE! IF IT’S WRONG, THEY CORRECT IT!” – Marisa Tomei right now

— Chris Schleicher (@cschleichsrun)

Academy: And the Best Picture goes to La La

— Tallawah (@positiviTeee)

10. Because seriously, just…wow.

“And the Oscar goes to La La Land!”

— The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)

11. Some poked fun at La La Land.

In true form, La La Land only won Best Picture in a fantasy moment shared between former lovers imagining wistfully what might have been.

— Calum Marsh (@calummarsh)


— . (@_Vaun)

Leapt, without looking
And tumbled into the speech

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws)

This seems appropriate #Oscars #BestPicture

— Michaela #MyVoice (@hitthekw0n)

This is the Oscar’s moment we all deserved

— Javi Moreno (@Javi386)

16. And the Miss Universe Pageant tweeted about the incident, too.

Have your people call our people – we know what to do. #Oscars #MissUniverse

— Miss Universe (@MissUniverse)

17. Beyoncé’s Lemonade was also brought into the conversation.

Has anyone done this yet

— Jen Lewis (@thisjenlewis)

18. As was Spice World.

No wait

— Chad Hodge (@chad_hodge)

19. What a night.

La La Land (2016)

— Logan (@PlagueLovers)

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