Everyone Is All “Damn, Cyrus” After Last Night's “Scandal”

1. On Feb. 16, Scandal fans witnessed yet another eventful TGIT. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

2. But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, considering the fates of certain characters.

3. As per usual, a lot of people took to Twitter to express their feelings.

4. Viewers were happy for Huck, who seems to have found a new love interest.

5. They were ~not~ too thrilled about Fitz’s new love interest.

6. And, needless to say, people were slightly disturbed by Cyrus’s fellow inmate in jail.

When bruh said he ate his family… #Scandal


7. But everyone’s biggest takeaway from the episode was summed up in two words.

Damn Cyrus. Hate it had to be you. #TGIT #Scandal

— Linda Belcher 👽 (@chulettah_)

8. Damn, Cyrus.

Damn Cyrus ain’t deserve that now geesh #Scandal

— K.Sodalite (@4ever_theTRUTH)

damn. cyrus did that. i can’t even lie #scandal #tgit

— the gay blck savage (@BIsmuthAF)

Damn Cyrus already king of jail #Scandal

— Fuck Trump! 🖕🏼 (@simon_anti)

Damn Cyrus is still evil and manipulative as fuk!

— Los (@1SoulfulDude)

12. There were a lot of reasons for the reaction. Like the fact that he apparently ISN’T responsible for the murder of Frankie Vargas?!

Well damn…..Cyrus is innocent. Damn I love Shonda Rhimes #Scandal

— ♑ Vanilla Caramel ♑ (@BayouBelle985)

Damn…. #Cyrus #Scandal

— Gigi (@TheGinaP)

14. We should’ve known that Cyrus was up to ~something.~

Damn Cyrus! I should have known he wasn’t the type to give up. 6 seasons and this show is still surprising me! Wow. #Scandal

— Lycaon pictus (@Sitta_pusilla)

Damn Cyrus u knew he had a trick up his sleeve

— Sug #MQM Syllè (@Sarcasms_Ladiie)

16. Damn, Cyrus.

Damn Cyrus

— birthday girl🎉 (@whitleysgilbert)

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