Every “Halloween” Movie, Ranked From Shockingly Bad To Actually Incredible

Look, I’m maybe (definitely) biased in favour of H20 because it was, at age 12, my entry into the franchise. It’s so ’90s it hurts – complete with Josh Hartnett and Michelle Williams in leading roles, and Kevin Williamson’s involvement clear in every witty quip. Crucially, it sees Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode, in a very different but no less traumatised version of her 2018 iteration. Here she plays a private school principal who has faked her own death and adopted a new identity, but still struggles to cope with her past. Of course Michael comes back to hunt her down, as well as her son (in true Halloween fashion, H20 ignores most of the sequels that came before it). I may be in the minority on this, but I find Laurie’s final face-off with Michael in H20 infinitely more satisfying than the elaborate set-up of the 2018 film.