Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Allegedly Tried To Kill Herself

Kim Scott, the ex-wife of rapper Eminem, was hospitalized after she allegedly tried to kill herself.

Officers told TMZ early they received a phone call that a woman was suicidal at her home in Michigan. When the cops arrived, Kim was allegedly so violent that she had to be restrained.


Nick Cannon Wants Peace With Eminem (; 0:55)

Officers say she cut herself as she had small lacerations on her legs and some blood had spilled onto the floor. She was quickly rushed to the hospital for medical and psychological evaluation, but she has since returned home to recover.

Kim and Eminem were high school sweethearts. They then married in 1999 and divorced two years later. The couple then remarried in 2006, and he filed for divorce just months later. He has regularly mentioned her in songs and never in a good way. In his movie, 8 Mile, she is portrayed to be a cheater.

They share a daughter, 25-year-old Hailie Jade.