Emily in Paris’s Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Love These French Beauty Staples

I may have binged the entire second season of Emily in Paris weeks ago (right when it came out and maybe, just maybe, all in one sitting), but that doesn’t mean I’m not still flying high on the show’s delectable spread of beauty looks. Every single episode is an obvious feast for hungry eyes in terms of the outfits and fashion, but the screenshot-worthy hairstyles and makeup moments are still living in my brain (and inspiration boards) rent-free.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to chat with the show’s on-set hairstylist, Mike Desir, and makeup artist, Aurélie Payen, about their treasure trove of beauty staples, I couldn’t have accepted the offer more quickly. Curious to see which skincare, makeup, and hair elixirs the pros behind all of your fave Emily in Paris beauty moments swear by? Keep scrolling! 

“I start my daily skincare ritual with a misting spray—I love the fact that it helps ‘wake up’ my skin, if you will. I use the Payot Brume Éclat—the smell is divine—and then I mix a few drops of serum with my moisturizer.”

“I use Lancôme’s Advanced Généfique Youth-Activating Concentrate Serum daily to help even out my complexion and add some extra luminosity to my skin. It is ideal as a complement to my day cream.”

“As a treatment, I use My Payot New Glowbecause it is the most effective vitamin C serum I have tested. A 10-day course of treatment every three months gives you a fresh, glowing complexion.”

“I love to do a mask once a week to deeply hydrate my skin and boost my complexion. My favorites are the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask or the Carita Masque Biologique.”

“Regular makeup removal tends to weaken my lashes, so I use Talika’s Lipocils Expert Collector’s Cils regularly because it’s an effective treatment for lash growth and keeps them thick and full. (This is super important when you apply your mascara every day, especially if you use waterproof!)”

“Every weekend, after a busy week, my little pleasure is to pamper my skin with masks and patches. Ten minutes is all it takes to achieve glowing, beautifully moisturized skin.”

“I love the combination of Talika’s Bio Enzymes Hydrating Sheet Mask and Collagena’s Eye Patches.”

“I like to work on my complexion with a foundation that is light and fluid but retains its coverage, so I use Sisley Paris’s Phyto-Teint Nude Foundation.It’s very light, almost like a second skin, and hides imperfections in the blink of an eye for a fresh and natural complexion.”

“Once I’ve perfected my complexion, I use my fingertips to apply N°1 De Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm. Melty and creamy, this balm brings a lot of comfort to the lips, and as it is two in one, there’s no need for blush!”

“If I want to bring a little sunshine to my complexion, there’s nothing like Guerlain’s must-have Terracotta Sun-Kissed Natural Bronzer!”

“For natural eye makeup, I opt for the 1944 Paris’s Chic La Palette La Rêveusewith colors likechampagne, dark matte, bright gold, and soft matte brown roses.” (Ed. note: 1944 Paris isn’t available in the U.S., so we recommend the palette above for a similar effect.)

“That said, sometimes a healthy swipe of black mascara is enough. I like Monsieur Big from Lancôme. It’s iconic, and it really makes my eyes pop.”

“For a ‘Rendez-vous,’ I will play with the colors of the lips, and for that, the lipsticks from La Bouche Rouge, Paris are perfect! There are several shades and textures that are easy to mix and last all night long.”

“This is a soft lacquer that gives me enough body to structure my hair. I use it right before I do my curls, for a softer hold, without a cardboard effect, or for a perfect ponytail. It is easy to brush out without any residue.”

“Meet one of my favorite products when I know I need to change hairstyles a couple of times during the day on shoots. I make sure to use this to protect the hair from damage from a blow-dryer or curling tong.”

“It is always complicated to find a good spray for wavy hair that won’t stiffen the hair too much. This spray is great—for a very light-hold effect, run it through the strands using your hands.”

“I love this product. It brings a lot of texture for a natural look or a more posh look with volume. It is my final touch to give the hair extra fullness. For a more casual wave, spray it from the roots to your mid-lengths to loosen the waves. Or you can mist it on a bun to provide a more secure base or use it all over the hair and scrunch your ends for a little more edge.”

“If you struggle to get your hair to hold curls, I love and recommend this volumizing primer spray. I section my hair and apply it to the entire length. No Volume at the roots? No problem. I spray a thin mist and run my fingers through it to enhance movement and body.”

“Awww, this dry shampoo! It’s easy to apply and shake out—spray it on your hair to create lots of volume. Or, use it at the root to soak up any excess oil before massaging and brushing it through your strands.”

“I use this spray as a finishing touch whenever I’m working on a textured hairstyle.”

“This is my secret weapon for ultra-silky hair. I add a dab of this magic elixir to wet hair, but for even sleeker results, apply it before you run a straightener through your strands.”

“Here is a light mousse that doesn’t break the bank. For a beautiful blow-dry without lots of product or heavy residue, I apply it on wet hair for long-lasting hold.”

“My last product is not a styling product but a silk pillowcase, which I love for prolonging a blowout, a setting in folds, or natural curls. It even helps the integrity of your hair after bleaching or coloring. There’s less friction of the silk during your sleep, so you don’t get bedhead or breakage in the morning. The fact that it is also thermo-regulated makes you sweat less at night. Last but not least, silk is also 20% more absorbent than cotton, which will prolong the shine and quality of your hair. I love By Dariia Day, but Slip is an option if you’re in the U.S.” Up next, I Asked 8 French Women to Spill the Contents of Their Beauty Vanities