Doctor Dre’s Wife Out w/ NEW Man, He’s Black & Much Younger Than Dre!!

Nicole Young was spotted briefly outside her home as her estrange husband, Dr. Dre, continues to recover from his brain aneurysm, MTO News has learned. 

Nicole was captured outside by the paparazzi without a mask on and make-up free while talking to a very handsome younger man. The two chatted it up, from a few feet away – and seemed to be having a spirited discussion. It’s not clear what the nature of their relationship is, but Nicole is now a single woman . . . so . . .

Nicole Young is currently going through a bitter divorce with her soon to be ex-husband, Dr. Dre.

In documents filed just days before the hip-hop mogul was rushed to the hospital for his brain aneurysm, Nicole accused him of holding a gun to her head, punching her in the face and grabbing her by the neck. Wow…..


Diddy vs Dr Dre Confirmed On Insta Live With Fat Joe (; 0:29)

Since the divorce filing this past summer, the couple has been battling over Dre’s estimated $1 billion empire. Nicole claimed in the documents, ‘Andre held a gun to my head on two occasions, on January 8, 2000 and November 20 2001.’ ‘Andre has punched me in the head/face on two occasions, in 1999 and on January 8, 2000.” 

She went on to say, ‘Andre kicked down the door to a bedroom in which I was hiding from his rage in 2016.’ ‘Andre has verbally and emotionally decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome,’ she stated.