DMX’s Manager Confirms He’s Still Alive

DMX’s video is tired of seeing all of the #RIPDMX posts online and posted a video to share that DMX is very much alive.

“Everybody, please stop posting with these rumors. DMX is still alive. Yes, he is on life support, but please. It’s not helping anybody by seeing these false rumors. Let the family relax for a night,” says Steve Rifkind.

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“You will be hearing a statement from the family sometime tomorrow. I’ve been with DMX for the past three years, so the only thing I ask is just stop with the rumors. He is still alive and he is still on life support.”

DMX has been on life support for almost a week after allegedly suffering from an overdose, although some reports say he slipped into a coma just days after having the COVID-19 vaccine.

TMZ also reported this week that a new round of neurological testing had not indicated any improvement in DMX’s condition.