DJ Akademiks Calls Out YK Osiris Over ‘Lies’

Rapper YK Osiris recently found himself being clowned over a horrendous Gucci jacket he was wearing.

During a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, the rapper claimed that he’d been offered “tens of thousands” of dollars for his jacket — and DJ Akademiks is not buying it.

“Someone’s trying to buy my jacket,” Osiris told Ak. “I’m dead serious. I swear to God.”

Ak told the rapper he’s lying:

“C’mon bro. Like, c’mon, man… I can’t tell if you trolling or if you serious. Nobody trying to buy that sh*t, bro,” Ak told him.

Osiris claims he was offered “Thirty thousand,” for the jacket. “I can’t stand these lies,” Akademiks said, calling “cap” on Osiris.

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Ak is not playing with these rappers. Recently, he made headlines after accusing Yella Beezy of leaking his own nudes for clout.


Adam22 Apologizes To DJ Akademiks (; 1:00)

“This one PR team been going mad hard tryna seed coverage about Yella Beezy D*ck video getting leaked or something. I don’t think they’ve even sent me his music as many times as they keep hitting me bout his penis being exposed.. anything for promo I suppose,” Akademiks tweeted.