Diddy Has Reached Out To Black Rob

Diddy has been trying to reach out to former Bad Boy rapper Black Rob after the rapper revealed that he had four strokes and is homeless on social media.


Black Rob Is Homeless; Diddy Curse Strikes AGAIN (; 0:10)

Mark Curry, who is also a former Bad Boy artist, shared the news in a post on Instagram.

All eyes turned to Diddy after the video went viral. People are wondering how artists signed to his label could end up in such horrible situations.

“Puffy, we need your help and you are reaching out. You’re trying to help. We’re not trying to say he’s not. He’s really trying to help,” said Curry.

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He also posted a video thanking fans for the love. Curry added, “Also know that it’s not a sympathy case or nothing like that; he just needs that support, that love, that aid to get through during these hard times, cause you can imagine what it’s like going through dialysis and stuff and have to worry about where you’re going to put your head.”

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