Derms Will Only Let These 23 Makeup Products Touch Their Faces

As a beauty editor, I feel like I’m constantly consulting dermatologists about what I should put on my face. I love asking the derms I know about everything skincare-related—whether it’s the buzziest new ingredient, the latest and greatest in filler technology, or which eye creams are best for looking youthful at any age. 

One thing I hardly ever talk to dermatologists about, however, is makeup. When I want the scoop on makeup, I typically defer to makeup artists, but lately, I’ve been wondering what dermatologists use on a daily basis. After all, they are experts on all things skin, so it would make sense that they would only use the absolute best makeup products on their own faces. 

I reached out to some of my favorite dermatologists to learn what exactly they reach for when they’re leaving the house. Unsurprisingly, most of their favorite products are high-performing cult favorites, many of which have skincare ingredients to give them a boost. Like me, you might find yourself reassessing your own makeup collection. I mean, when not one but two renowned derms recommend the same mascara, I think that means it’s time to add it to your arsenal ASAP. Keep reading for top derms’ favorite products, and be sure to take notes.

“I have autoimmune alopecia, so I have very sparse brows, much to my chagrin. This amazing pencil helps me feel confident every day around an issue that I’m very vulnerable to. The tip is small, and it is easy to use, so mimicking hair with tiny strokes is super easy. I recommend to my patients daily.”

“I also struggle with dark circles, which many of us with brown skin do! It is genetic. My entire family has them. This product is a sunscreen, concealer, and anti-ager all in one. It is creamy, cosmetically elegant, and does its job at protecting my skin while emitting a radiant glow.”

“I actually love my naturally full lips, so I [use] just a touch of gloss to make them pop.”

“Since I often use lash- or brow-enhancing products such as Latisse to maintain thickness and volume, I often like to fill in my brows to give a natural yet polished finish. I love this product because it is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge when I apply it, especially because I tend to get oily throughout the day in my T-zone/forehead.”

“I love the coverage from this foundation, and it truly feels like skin when I’m wearing it! I originally found this product when they expanded their foundation ranges and love that there are several options for people of color.”

“I love using lipsticks, liners, and lip glosses from Juvia’s Place. The products have a smooth finish (and don’t leave my lips too dry), and I love the shade ranges. I also love their eye shadow palettes because they are soooo pigmented and long-lasting.”

“Clé de Peau Beauté concealer now comes with SPF 25, and as a dermatologist, I really appreciate the extra protection.”

“I love La Mer Foundations, especially The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It has buildable coverage when I need it, but it also feels supple and looks especially luminous. And even under hot lights when shooting TV, it stays in place.” 

“This powder is so lightweight and keeps everything fresh. I can use it when I feel a bit oily and can use it multiple times a day.”

“For lips, I love Ctzn lipstick in London. It is just a great everyday color.  And when I want a bit of gloss, I adore Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Pulpe.”

“I have been impressed with this mascara, both from a formulation perspective and from an application perspective. I find that it gives my lashes volume, looks rich and sleek, and does not leave my lashes dry or brittle. The applicator wand is one of the best I’ve tested in terms of applying product and preventing clumping, and I love that I don’t have to scrub hard to remove the product at the end of the day.  The more aggressive we have to be when we remove our mascara and eye products, the greater the likelihood of traumatizing the hair root and the stem cells we want to preserve so we have full lashes throughout our lifetime.”

“I love the soft, glossy glow of this lip jelly. It isn’t sticky or tacky. It leaves my lips hydrated and has just the perfect amount of color. This hydrates my lips as effectively as a petrolatum-based product but looks and feels much more elegant.”

“This has been my go-to foundation for so many years. It’s so hydrating and has such a luxe finish but sometimes takes a while to absorb. If I’m in a rush and don’t have time for it to set before using my bronzer and blush, I’ll use a powder so my blush doesn’t look streaky.”

“I absolutely love the Dermablend Flawless Creator. It’s like pigment drops that you can match to your exact skin tone to give you coverage that is light and lasts all day. It’s noncomedogenic, so it doesn’t cause acne (even while wearing under masks). It also has iron oxide to provide protection from blue-light exposure from cell phones and computer screens.”

“I love this bronzer/highlighter duo. I can use it on my cheeks or as eye shadow. It gives me a nice glow and also lasts all day.”

“My philosophy on makeup is that it has to also benefit the skin. I tend to go for products that are a combination of makeup and skincare so I can feel good about using makeup to camouflage and also nourish my skin simultaneously. It Cosmetics CC Cream provides great makeup coverage but also protects my skin from the sun (SPF 50) and has numerous skin-loving, nourishing ingredients that revitalize and rejuvenate my skin all day long.”

“I love how I can use a full-coverage under-eye concealer that blends smoothly with my delicate under-eye skin. It also contains a number of skin-nourishing ingredients, like peptides, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, designed to protect the thin and vulnerable under-eye skin.”

“I love how this lip balm provides both a beautiful color to the lips and also moisturizes the lips at the same time. My lips never feel dry when I’m using this product, and while the color doesn’t last all day, a couple of applications a day also helps continuously moisturize my lips. As an added benefit, it also has SPF to protect the lips from the sun! Using this fits in with my philosophy of combining skincare and makeup into one product.”

“It’s called the ‘natural skin perfector’ for a reason. Lightweight yet buildable, it provides all-day coverage while leaving a glow finish.”

“It contains a lovely mix of canuba wax and shea butter that coats lashes and can be layered to desired volume, all while staying flake-free. This mascara also has one of the best wands out there—it gently grasps eyelashes to lengthen and lift them.”

“I love how this color leaves my lips looking moist, and it stays on for hours. I have these in many colors and often mix together two or three colors on my lips. At a price of under $12 each, I prefer this lip color to the many I’ve paid at least twice as much for.”

“This brow mascara also has great staying power. It gives a very natural look to transform my not-too-full brows into well-arched brows that help to frame my eyes.”

“It stays in place, and it lasts all day.” Next, 15 Life-Altering Beauty Hacks We’ve Learned From Derms, Makeup Artists, and More