Deceased Rapper FBG Duck’s Mother CRASHES The $100K Car He Bought!! (Video)

Last year, popular Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot and killed by rival gang members, he left behind tons of friends, and family including multiple children and his mother.

Yesterday FBG Duck’s mother LaSheena Weekly, lost something else – the $100K car that her son bought her, MTO News confirmed. 

Things could have been worse though, she could have lost her life. MTO News confirmed that Mama Duck was involved in a high speed crash that completely totaled the automobile.


Deceased Rapper FBG Duck’s Mother CRASHED The $100K Car Be Bought!! (Video) (; 0:57)

And the loss of the car – which has sentimental value to her – was too much. The 52 year old mother of 2 video’d herself crying after the accident, and posted it on Instagram Live.

Mama Duck lost both of her sons to gang violence. Her youngest son, FBG Duck, was one o the most popular rappers from Chicago.