Da Brat: Allen Iverson Had Too Many B*tches!!

Da Brat recently recalled dating NBA baller Allen Iverson years back — she said the basketball player had “too many b*tches.”

She said that despite trying to keep her personal life private — there was the occasional leak here and there.

“You got a little leak of it when I was f*cking with Allen Iverson,” she said.

“He had a baby mama, some kids, he had a lot of stuff going on. It lasted for a good while. Both of my grandmothers loved him…It just didn’t work out,” she explained.

“He had too many b*tches. I think the last straw was we were sitting in the hotel, and this half-naked b*tch walks up the hallway, talking about she’s looking for him — I must have molly whopped that b*tch down the hallway. I was like you know what, I said I can’t do this. I said I can’t do this with you.”

Watch the episode below.