Curvy Girls Love These Shorts (and This Is Why)

Now that summer is officially here and 80 degree days are quickly becoming a norm, it’s very likely you’re only reaching for a handful of wardrobe staples. We’re talking an easy-breezy maxi dress, lightweight linen blouses, and comfy, cute shorts. But of course, each warm-weather piece comes with its own set of shopping difficulties. For example, petite women may have a harder time finding a floor-grazing frock that doesn’t drag. And the shorts search for curvier figures is likely a long one that requires a lot of trial and error before finding a pair with a good fit. 

To help shoppers find the best shorts for curvy figures, we decided to tap two in-the-know fashion influencers for their best tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years, asking them everything from what the shorts have to have (hint: lots of stretch) to the brands they recommend for denim that doesn’t gap at the waist. Read on for their advice and shop their go-to labels.

Aboulhosn notes that a pair of shorts has to have stretch so “so it hugs [her] body right.”

There are two brands Aboulhosn swears by: American Eagle or Aerie and Good American.

“When I actually went in for a casting call and met Khloé and Emma (co-founders of Good American), they asked me what I get frustrated with when wearing jeans or jean shorts, and I mentioned the back gap because my butt is bigger,” Aboulhosn shared with Who What Wear. “They told me that’s what they love most about their jeans and crafted them for that.”

“I have found that knowing my inseam measurement helps me find shorts that fit just the way I want them to,” Frenney shared with Who What Wear. “Because I have thick thighs, I generally look best in mid-length shorts. This style is universally flattering on most body types, especially curvier women.”

Frenny swears by shorts with a high-waisted silhouette. “Besides accentuating the waistline (always a positive), high-waisted shorts elongate the legs, and usually feature a contoured waistband to eliminate annoying gaps at the waist,” she shared.

Much like Aboulhosn, Frenney notes that the denim has to have a bit of stretch. “Whenever I shop for shorts, I always go with those that offer a little stretch,” she said. “Shorts designed with stretch tend to fit around the waist, hips, and thighs with no problem.”

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