Cue the Nostalgia: These 11 Beauty Looks Prove the ’90s Never Left

The ’90s were known for a few different things. There were the boy bands. (Are you a Backstreet Boys or an NSYNC person?) There was the grunge music. (Hi, Nirvana.) There were the international supermodels. (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington come to mind.) And there were the iconic sitcoms (like Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Seinfeld… just to name a few). What we remember most about the ’90s, though, are all the memorable fashion and beauty moments from celebs like Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Brandy, and Jennifer Lopez.  

While we might cringe looking back at certain ’90s beauty trends—namely those in which chunky highlights, frosty lips, and pencil-thin eyebrows were involved—there are others we remember (and re-create) fondly. So we gathered them all together right here. Keep scrolling to see the 11 best beauty looks from the ’90s. 

Angelina Jolie attended the 1998 Golden Globes wearing one of her boldest makeup looks ever—diffused denim-blue eye shadow paired with a nude lip. Update this look by wearing a coat of mascara for fluttery lashes and swapping the mauvy lipstick for a pink-toned one. 

Kate Moss, the queen of ’90s grunge makeup, knew how to edge up a berry lip. Simply pair it with smudgy, kohl-rimmed eyes. To replicate (and modernize) this look, we’ll pair our black eyeliner with a moisturizing lip oil instead of a traditional satin lipstick. 

Nothing beats Brandy’s fresh-faced glow. While the right skincare routine is paramount to achieving a lit-from-within look, there are certain makeup products that can definitely help. 

Tiffani Thiessen aka Kelly Kapowski shows us the power of pink lipstick. To replicate her fresh-faced look, pair your pink pout with a generous amount of highlighter. Place it on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and on your chin to get her glow. 

Jennifer Aniston looks like a picture of So-Cal perfection with her piecey, wind-swept hair and bronzed complexion. We’ll be taking inspiration from this look by spritzing our hair with texturizing spray and swiping on a generous amount of bronzer before heading out the door. 

Do as Naomi Campbell did, and make your eyes the focal point of your face by framing them with a set of full, fluttery lashes. If a couple of coats of mascara don’t bring enough drama, add a couple of individual falsies to the mix. It’s a surefire way to add definition and volume. 

Cameron Diaz knows a thing or two about complementary colors. Here, her warm, peachy blush pairs perfectly with her cool, berry lipstick. (It makes her eyes pop, too.) 

J.Lo’s icy-blue eye shadow is the epitome of a ’90s makeup moment. We’re all in favor of replicating this look; we’ll just drop the powdery pastel shadow for a solid liquid one. 

Drew Barrymore has served us with more than one iconic makeup look, and this one is no exception. We love the way her subtle feline flick is paired with a matte crimson lip. 

We don’t know what to comment on first, Lucy Liu’s naturally glowing skin or her super-shiny hair. We’ll be mimicking her effortless look with shine serum and lots of highlighter. 

Alicia Silverstone’s graphic, violet eyes are a sight to behold. Mimic (and modernize) the look with a pastel-purple liner and a few coats of lengthening mascara. Butterfly clips not included. 

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