Crunchy Black: I’m Sorry For Calling Dr. Dre’s Wife A B*tch

Crunchy Black issued an apology to Dr. Dre for calling his estranged wife a “b*tch.”

Crunchy called Nicole a “b*tch” during an interview with VladTV. Later, the Three 6 Mafia member admits he was wrong.

“Dr. Dre said, ‘B*tch, I got you drunk and made you sign these papers,” he said as he laughed. “Wait, let me go back one step because I did say ‘b*tch’ and I don’t want to call Dr. Dre’s woman no ‘b*tch’ or ‘baby mama’ or no wife no ‘b*tch’ because I respect him way past that other bullsh*t. So let me rephrase that. He said, ‘Girl, I got you drunk and I got you to sign a prenup.’ She didn’t remember that.”

Dr. Dre are currently in the middle of a bitter divorce battle. Nicole wants half of everything. Recently a judge shot down her request to receive almost $2 million a month in spousal support.