Confirmed: This Is the French Way to Wear the Oversize Trend

How many days a week are you tempted to leave the house in a hoodie and a blanket? If you live in a place like New York City where temperatures are hovering around 40ºF right now, the answer is probably every day. Well, as it turns out, that very same look just got the stamp of approval from everyone’s favorite French fashion editor: Carine Roitfeld.

Photographed in NYC, the Parisian icon wore an oversize coat with a hoodie, leggings, and flat boots. We’ve talked about the oversize outerwear trend this season, but Roitfeld’s extra-plush coat definitely solidifies the case for a bigger-is-better mentality. (And her look also sparks some personal FOMO as I sit in a chilly air-conditioned office right now.) Not to mention her lug-sole boots are the ultimate fail-safe winter shoe choice if practicality is your main priority. Scroll down to see how the French fashion editor wears the trend and shop billowy coats for yourself.

You gotta love H&M’s prices. 

This will get you through any kind of inclement weather. 

Long live puffer coats. 

A loose-fitting trenchcoat looks so nonchalant. 

Another fantastic trenchcoat option for rainy spring days. 

The teddy coat of all teddy coats. 

I love this beautiful beige color. 

Yes, I reckon this could actually double as a sleeping bag. 

Navy is always a good choice. 

A maxi coat makes such a chic statement. 

Is it a shirt? A jacket? A coat? All of the above. 

This looks super cozy. 

Copy Roitfeld and try a faux fur coat for bundling up. 

This black quilted coat is such a classic choice. 

This will last you for years to come. 

I’m digging this all-white outfit. 

The bigger the better when it comes to warmth. 

Leopard print will always be in style

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Opening Image: Getty Images