Chris Brown Wants Us All To Put Some Respect On His Name

Chris Brown has been “canceled” so many times by the internet, but he’s still here and he wants everybody to respect his talent.

“Say what you want… But when it come to what I do you can’t do it,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “Approval ain’t sh*t when you make real music for the people!!! No cocky sh*t but Ive been proving myself and providing some sort of comfort for my fans emotions! If you think Im in this studio on bullsh*t every second of my life you are out of your rabbit ass mind!”


Chris Brown Dancing While High On Whipits (; 0:08)

“Ima keep working overtime because that’s what it takes !!!” Brown continued. “No hate but I respect all the young n*ggas trying to follow they dream. I hate on no music and no struggle there is room for sunstance, growth . Feel a type of way today so I decided to drop my nuts! Manifestation is not a myth… Spirituality does not make you a b*tch.”

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Is he right?