Child-Friendly Rapper Lil Nas X CRITICIZED; For Satanic Gay Lapdance!! (Graphic)

Rapper Lil Nas X is one of the most popular rappers in the world – for kids under the age of 11. And his song Old Town Road, was one of the most popular songs in most grammar schools across the country.

Since his mega hit song, Lil Nas X has done a lot to maintain his extremely young fanbase. He’s appeared on Disney shows, and Sesame Street. And last year, he performed a free Roblox concert for kids – and MILLIONS showed up.

But lately, Lil Nas X has been acting a lot more GROWN. And his newest songs has many of the parents of his fans REAlLY UPSET. In his new song MONTERO, the openly gay rapper gives a lap dance to a male dressed as Satan.

When clips of the new video leaked, many parents of Lil Nas X’s fans began criticizing the artist. They are even circulating a petition to have his music banned from Roblox, the most popular kids game in the country.

MTO News reached out to reps from Roblox, and so far they have not responded.

Here’s a small clip from the video that’s causing controversy:

Parents Upset w/ Lil Nas X Over Satanic Lapdance (; 0:43)

And here are some of the criticisms, from parents of kids who are fans of Lil Nas X: