Charles Barkley Says All League Players Should Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

Charles Barkley says that he believes that all professional athletes belonging to sporting leagues should get the vaccine.

“Yes, I’m vaccinated. Everybody should be vaccinated. Period. The only people who are not vaccinated are just assholes.”

He continued. “Can you imagine if one of these guys that are not vaccinated, if they get one of these players’ kids, wives, girlfriends, moms and dads sick and they die over some unnecessary conspiracy bullsh*t? I think that would be tragic.”

Almost 80% of NFL players, 90% of NBA players and 85% of MLB players have reportedly had at least one shot.


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He continued: “There’s sh*t you can’t do at work and there’s sh*t that have to do at work. So every workplace has rules and I think one of the rules [should be] that guys [in sports leagues] have to be vaccinated.”

NFL players do not have to be vaccine but tier 1 staff do. The NBA and MLB are also not requiring players to get vaccinated.