Cardi B Upset Over Diss Track That Calls Daughter Kulture ‘DIRTY’!!

A Cardi B diss track was played recently on Rah Ali’s blog show, OnSite! — Cardi caught wind of the track and hopped on social media to attack rAH.

. “B*tches post me on they sh*t everyday and I haven’t said a word and that’s what bothers them soo they try to play wit the person I don’t play about and that’s my child,” wrote Cardi. “Yet, victimize themselves when some1 says they beating the baby out of them after months of her harassing a b*tch.” 

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Cardi continued: “She’s disgusting .Blocking and deleting people telling her she’s wrong for posting something mentioning my child …but she only try me & Ari for clout but on my life imma handle her in person. Say wat you want but you not going 2 try me wit my kid.”

Rah denied mentioning Cardi’s kid:

 “Cardi, shut yo dumb non English speaking ass up. I’m tired of trying to sound out your sentences. If you have a problem, take it up with the person wwho wrote the diss track not me because my media company @Its_Onsite posted it,” she wrote.


Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Drunk (; 0:25)

 She added, “I didn’t mention your child nor would I ever. The person who wrote the diss track did. You are a BOZO! and you’re not going to do SH*T. Why don’t you pick up a pen and write back? That’s not an option huh?”