Cardi B Is FIGHTING w/ Leaders Of Her ‘Bardi Gang’ Fanclub – And It’s UGLY!

Cardi B loves to fight people on Twitter – and yesterday she got into a big argument with the leaders of her fan group THE BARDI GANG!!

The Bardi Gang is made up of about 1,000 of Cardi;s biggest fans. They push her music, and her videos, and are responsible for much of the Bronx rapper’s rise to fame.


Cardi B Blasts Dominicans For Racism (; 2:20)

But now Cardi is FIGHTING with them.

It all started when one of the Bardi Gang leaders made a comment about one of Cardi’s looks. And Cardi went off. Look:

After Cardi’s response, The VCardi Gang tried to stay calm, and ask Cardi for an apology:

Cardi B then went off on a full RANT against her fans. Here’s what she said:

Lemme tell you something. I wanna make it very f*cking clear. If I come at my fanbase bc they are being disrespectful with the people that I work with…to my makeup artist…to my personal life…to my hairstylist….to my publicist, I could fcking do that. I dont like that sh*t.

Stop disrespecting people around me. Stop telling me who to fcking date. I’m not dating n*ggas for clout or for image. I’m not doing none of that sh*t. So people can have my p*ssy then when they have it’s “whatever” well because they have a picture of us together? No.

If I wanna do that to my fanbase, I could do that. Worry about y’all favorite artist because yall favorite artist dont like when yall be talking sh*t about the people they be dating. So stop it. If I wanna come and fcking tell something to my fans, I’ll do it. A lot of artists wanna do the same thing. The only difference is they fcking scared to put they fans in they place. I dont care.

People gotta separate. If my fans want me to do a certain type of music, if they dont want me to work with certain people, if they want me to promote a certain music they want me to promote, I don’t care. I’ll do that. But don’t disrespect the people that I’m around. Don’t tell me about my personal sh*t. Don’t tell me how I like my sh*t. I’ll say it.

Other celebrities gonna do the same sh*t. IDGAF. I’m not the one that’s gonna stay quiet. THIS IS CARDI- BARDIGANG BUSINESS. NOT YALL BUSINESS. Worry about what ya favorite artist is doing. I dont fcking intervene into that, neither do my fans. So why do you give a fck about how I’m talking to my fans….UNLESS YOURE A FAN?? THE FCK?

Then she went after her biggest fans by name. Look: