Cardi B: I Left Offset Before He Cheated On Me Again!!

Cardi B has revealed more about the reason behind her filing for divorce from Migos rapper, Offset — she says she did it before he cheated on her again.

“I didn’t wait until he cheated on me again. I didn’t wait [for] another controversy with him being involved. I decided to leave. If I wanted to stay, I could have stayed. I decided to leave,” Cardi said via her OnlyFans.

In 2018, the pair split after Offset was caught cheating. The rapper embarked on a public campaign to get Cardi back. After months of being separated, she eventually took him back.

Last week, Cardi addressed the split via her Instagram Live.

“I wanted to let y’all know I have shed not one tear,” she said.

“This time, I wasn’t crying. You want to know why? The reason for my divorce is not because of none of that sh*t that ever happened before. It’s not because of cheating.”