Cardi B Blames Her Fans After She Deletes Her Twitter Account

Cardi B deleted her Twitter account recently, and she took to Instagram Live to explain why — she says it’s because of her fans.

“I took a shower, I been getting my makeup done and I wake up and what I see?,” Cardi explained. “What do I see? Fans, my fans, not nobody else’s fans, my fans, on live talking hot sh*t about me. And y’all keep saying, ‘Oh my gosh, something is wrong with her, something is going on in her personal life. No! Y’all, y’all, y’all, y’all, y’all, y’all, y’all.”

Fans have been upset that moments after filing for divorce from husband Offset, she took him right back.

Cardi later adds, “I get on f*cking social media and what do I see? My own fans, not nobody else. Not general public, but people with my f*cking picture on they profile f*cking harassing people that I f*ck with. And y’all keep doing that sh*t.”

Was she right to delete her Twitter?