Cardi B Admits To ‘ABUSING’ Offset . . . Then Quickly Deletes Tweet!!

Last Night, Cardi B appeared to make a shocking and incriminating admission, MTO News has learned.

Cardi told fans that she “hits” her husband Offset.


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Last month, Cardi B filed to divorce her husband Offset. Then a few days ago, she took him back.

Many of Cardi’s fans expressed their concerns about her online saying that she may be a victim of abuse and unable to leave her abuser. But Cardi defended Offset from abuse allegations and said if there is any “abuse” in the relationship – it would be her abusing Offset.


Cardi quickly deleted this tweet after posting it, but not before it was screen grabbed by millions.

Now some are wondering if Offset is the victim in what may a toxic relationship.

Either way, we hope that they can find a way to be in a healthy relationship – either together or apart – for themselves and for their toddler child, Kulture.