Buddy Brown Goes Viral, Again, Mocking Woke Coke

Indie artists are showing corporate America they don’t need them anymore.

Think Ryan Long, Tim Dillon, Tom MacDonald, Tim Pool and other entrepreneurs carving successful careers without the standard distribution channels. 

Buddy Brown was ahead of this particular curve. Make that miles ahead.

He discovered the power of viral videos all the way back in 2009, strumming a song while sitting on the back of his pickup truck.

USA Today profiled the country singer in 2016, noting how his stark approach drew a sizable following. Chances are USA Today, along with the other media outlets, won’t be serving up favorable profiles of him now.


Brown is taking Cancel Culture head on, and in the process building up his already large flock. Consider recent Brown videos with titles like:

  • “Socialism is like HEMORRHOIDS”
  • “Don’t ever APOLOGIZE for being a MAN”
  • “The OFFENDED Song”

His recent track, “We Gotta Be Less White” mocks Coca-Cola’s leaked pamphlet telling employees why being white is the wrong way to go.

Coca-Cola is facing backlash after being accused of fostering an anti-white agenda in their online “anti-racism” training for employees, with some training materials that instruct participants to “try to be less white.” After blowback, the company has issued a statement denying that the materials are part of its learning curriculum.

His song, released Feb. 23 on YouTube, already has a whopping 3.8 million views — with no help from traditional media outlets.

Here are some sample lyrics.

Coca-Cola’s done lost their dadgum minds
Yeah, the white guilt’s hittin’ pretty hard this time
I thought I’d seen it all
But as it turns out
I have to change my skin
To live this one down

While I try to be less white, be less white
‘Cause liberals gone wild and they lost their minds
We’ve gotta be less white, be less white
Now I’m switching to Pepsi
And it’s all alright

He opens the track with a call for inclusion, along with a note saying how “ridiculous” woke culture is becoming.

“We need to be less stupid,” Brown says with a smile.

Brown’s new album, “American Savage,” came out March 5.

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