Black Woman Allegedly ‘PRANKED’ Into Drinking Urine On Tiktok!! (Graphic Video)

Video of a Black woman allegedly being “pranked” into drinking urine on Tiktok is going viral across social media, MTO News has learned. The video has already been seen by more than 10 million people – many of whom are outraged by the content in it.

MTO News did some investigating, and it appears that the video originated from the TikTok account of a British white man, whose channel went by the name “KaneTalks”

The video appears to have been uploaded as a “prank video” but quickly deleted, most likely after folks on social media were outraged by it. Before being deleted, the account kanetalks has 223 fans and 7,000 likes.


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MTO News learned that Google appears to still has a record of the video, which had the hashtags “prank” “girlfriend” and “couple goals”. Look:

So what was in the original video? It’s not clear. But a version of the video was posted on Twitter, which contains the title, “She pranked me so I got her back. Yes she drank my p*ss.”

MTO News was not able to confirm whether that title was present on the original video. It’s also not clear that the woman in the video – even if the title is real – actually drank urine. Remember, many social media videos are faked to create outrage, or to get likes.

But in Twitter, no one cares about what’s REAL or can be PROVEN AS FACT. And the video is circulating across the web like wildfire – causing considerable discussion.

We warn you, this video is extremely disturbing: