Black Men And Women Are Beautifully Celebrating Themselves With The “Black Gay Slay” Hashtag

1. On Friday morning, Twitter user @Mikey_Talks tweeted a few stellar selfies of himself along with the caption, “If you came to slay tonight, say I slay!” Afterward, #BlackGaySlay was born.

2. According to his Twitter, the creator of the tag wanted to highlight black queer people since “It’s way too many white gays in #BoysKissBoysSelfies,” another tag that caters to gay people, though it’s overwhelmingly white.

3. Mikey also noted on his account that “gay” was used as an umbrella term for the tag, and he welcomes all types of LGBT-identifying black people to celebrate themselves in the hashtag.

4. Soon after Mikey’s initial tweet was sent out, several people began blessing their respective timelines with incredible selfies — and to say that they ~delivered~ would be an understatement.

5. People posted their most fire selfies, exuding confidence and killing it in flawless fashions.

6. They slayed in makeup.

I’m always late to events #blackgayslay

— 🎨Artist | Muva Doll (@1poeticdrugs)

Yes, cheekbones!

7. They slayed in glasses.

Can I still apply even if I’m bi ?

— Galadriel (@LouisArnaud__)

Come through, million dollar smile.

8. And they slayed in different hairstyles.

#BlackGaySlay is the perfect day to come out as Queer on twitter!

— Picasso (@crsebring)

Just radiant in every way.

9. Queer people of all shapes and sizes dominated the tag, too.

slay is basically my second language. #blackgayslay

— jamal. (@fatfemme)

10. Mikey created an inclusive trend for black LGBT people to unapologetically be themselves.

Ugly, then make it fashion


— blacklippedfag (@Ruxxxpinn)

11. Naturally, there were tons of people who looked on and praised the beauty of the movement.

Loving #BlackGaySlay

— #ChrisToFanCon (@DarthGeekonius)

12. Folks could not get enough.

Me watching all of the gays flourish up and down the TL #BlackGaySlay

— VV (@wyetthasspoken_)

13. And some were a little shook.

This #BlackGaySlay thing has me shook!!! Y’all look so amazing!!!

— Autumn🍂 (@iwannarockwitu)

14. In a word, it was fierce.

Everyone on #BlackGaySlay is so beautiful😭

— disrespect boy (@Whut_Jordy)

15. And in case you didn’t get your life from the previous photos, here are a few more for good measure.

Yessss hashtag #BlackGaySlay

— Eboni Sadé (@EboniSade)

16. They came.

#blackgayslay I didn’t get the invite but I’m here for this 💅🏾✨

— BROWQUEEN✨ (@trayoncemua)

17. They slayed.

#BlackGaySlay 👩🏾‍🎤

— 🦄madeline (@ziamondsdancing)

18. And they conquered.

okay YES @ this hashtag #blackgayslay

— chaz (@supchaz)

19. Phew.

It’s time to play #BlackGaySlay 😇😁

— Top5Lindo (@KhailMajor)

20. Per the creator’s Twitter, the hashtag is something that he’d like to make a regular occurrence.

How often y’all wanna trend #BlackGaySlay?

— Dora Mila-gay (@Mikey_Talks)

21. Black History Month 2017 is off to a fine start.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to @Mikey_Talks for comment.

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